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Northbrain is a team of Apple Consultants who have banded together to bring harmony to your Macintosh universe. As passionate users of all things Macintosh, we understand the frustration caused when a seemingly perfect system goes haywire. Therefore, it is the goal of Northbrain to answer the Mac distress signal as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


At Northbrain we pride ourselves on providing creative solutions to your problems. As dedicated Mac experts we keep up to date on all products new and old. In doing so we are able to offer you recommendations on future purchases, upgrades of older machines, network technologies and so forth. Northbrain is also familiar with all manner of software: the good, the bad, and the ugly. From a slow network, to backups, to font management, to graphic creation, to Tetris, we’ve seen it all. This combination of knowledge allows us to find the straight line from point A to point B for you.


The goal of Northbrain is simple: provide creative, efficient solutions to eliminate and prevent IT issues. Our combined 50 plus years of experience in the Apple computing field offers a solid foundation for your business to rest upon. As official Apple Consultants we stand behind Apple products; we believe them to be practical, cost-effective, and cutting edge. 


We're not some Johnny-come-lately PC company that has decided that Macs are the future. We've known that all along. This is our passion. You do business, we do computers.


Our focus has been on the implementation and maintenance of all things Macintosh. From networks, to servers, to desktops--we've seen it all. 

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